Who's the better Dufne?

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Who's the better Dufne?

Dufne_The_Boss 8 vote(s) 29.6%
Dufne 14 vote(s) 51.9%
DufneArc 2 vote(s) 7.4%
Defne_b_ded 3 vote(s) 11.1%
  1. As you all know, name changes was recently released, allowing some of us to reveal our true forms, like me. This might be shocking, but I'm a Dufne. I'm not the only Dufne. There are 3 other Dufnes out there. So now the question is, who is the better Dufne? The current Dufnes out there are Me, Dufne, DufneArc, and Defne_b_ded. So answer the poll on who you think is the best Dufne!
  2. #DufneArmy - Now trending
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  3. Dufne started this so she is obviously the best <3
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  4. Obviously me, you skrubs. I'm the ship of FinalArc and Dufne. So yeah, you're all inferior to me ;)
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  5. I'm so confused ;)

    Obviously Deniz_the_boss is the best, the one living on SMP8 and who sporadically visits my profile and likes my posts ;)

    I could have sworn that was Defne or Dufne before... I'm soo confused, someone make it stop! :D
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  6. Dufne DuckyCorn ftw! ^.^
  7. Dufne is the best, obviously! :p
    As in the original Defne_the_Boss, I am used to her being Defne, not 3 other people too :p
  8. None of you, I am the superior Dufne.
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  9. Defne_b_ded though :rolleyes:
  10. #Dufne_b_ded4Prez
  11. The original! Is dufne a irl name?
  12. Defne is my irl name.

    Edit: Dufne_The_Boss' name is also Defne
    Edit2: Same with DufneArc
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  13. >.>
    Did your name change already some how? I thought there was a defne_the_boss too.
  14. To all the skrubs who haven't voted for me:

    "Git gud or git rekt" Starpuncher 2015
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  15. Calling someone a skrub is a great way of getting votes, you sir are a genius.
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  16. Yes! Vote for me! You skrubs!
  17. I know!!! That's why I voted for him :)
  18. Nah bruhs, I'm the best :cool:
  19. No dufne is the best dufne! *Starts chant*
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