[Who] Yikes, aliens on EMC?!

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  1. Hi gang!

    So yah, normally I'd dump this in the random screenshot thread or such but meh... I figured this news is important enough to share it with the community in its own thread. Besides; about time I had a small rant of my own after all recent happenings.

    Yes folks, it's true: Aliens walk amongst us on EMC! :eek:

    First of all though: this is not my discovery, credit where credit's due. Last evening I got a sudden PM from SageCREEPER who pointed my attention to /v +wool on SMP2. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptic (was also tired) but yeah.. After I went over there and turned around it became obvious that something strange was going on:

    It's not on someone's residence so it's obvious that something landed here, right? Right, that's what I thought as well. So we opened the door and what do you know:

    You can actually step into this version of the Tardis! But be warned, because once you do step inside you may experience a weird shock at first because... Well....

    It's bigger on the inside?! :eek:

    Aliens have landed on EMC I tell you, conspiracies!
  2. Only Shel thinks of these sorts of things :p
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  3. And have you tried stepping out once inside? I think that you'll find the call box isn't just bigger on the inside, but it's mobile on the outside. :p
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  4. That is a beautiful jungle. Whoever's res that is, I'm jelly.
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  5. I remember when this landed on emc, hehe. It was almost like it got here through a black hole..... it was amazing!
  6. And shel only just found this :p
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  7. One of the admins may be a Time Lord.
  8. Why not the goat lord?