Who wants to kill a dragon?

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  1. i just found a end portal in waste and i dont wanna go alone to kill the ender dragon. Anyone wanna join with me ?:)
  2. The end doesn't reset. There are no dragons to be killed.
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  3. in waste not resets?
  4. -don't quote me on this- I vaguely remember something that the waste end portal goes to the wild end, but I'm definitely not sure about this.
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  5. The dragons are already dead :)
  6. i will take a look then....
  7. The End Portals in the Wastelands and the Frontier link to the same End. All of the dragons were gone years ago. Sorry!
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  8. What about dragon tombs?
  9. Dragon Tombs parts 1 and 2 are already out but parts 3 and 4 are not out yet and won't be for a while :)
  10. thats right no dragons there, i have been in frontier end instead.... its ok, thanks for the info :D