Who said that the servers never have anyone on? Proof that you're wrong!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by nerone94, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Don't you all look foolish now.
  2. Yeah, not good.
  3. First to login after a server reboot. Nice
  4. I bet you were having oh-so-much fun all by yourself :p

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  5. Well, I think I got trolled hard here......... :(
  6. 2am on a weekday when school is now starting back up and adults have to work... yes its not unheard of :)
  7. Well, actually, not all the players are from the East Coast.:eek::eek::eek:
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  8. Still many minors are required to get off the PC before 11 :p
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  9. Well, as your on, there is still not one server that has no one on it.
  10. /who stage
  11. Nope. It was actually like this for about 8 minutes before 2 other people logged on.
  12. Believe it or not, I was once on the Empire when there were NO residences claimed at all.
  13. Was any members on at that time :p
  14. Considering probably at least 1/3 of your members arent on Eastern, and probably a good 10% or more aren't even in america, yeah, it is kinda unheard of lol.
  15. I just found a Gamekrib minecraft youtube video, is that the early days of EMC? it looks like /town and the EMC legend beardswell is in the video
  16. xD In Australia Time Zones I've had time when I'm a loner or just playing with snoopyalex
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  17. I think its becuase we have to many servers. If we had just kept it down to Smp7, I think we would have a good amount of area, that would be much more full.
  18. Confession Time: One time, at an ungodly hour- early in the morning... I think on smp5. I noticed there was nobody on- so I logged on it, started spamming in all caps the rules. It was fun, until someone logs in right as I press Enter one of the times.
  19. I love being on utopia by myself :)
  20. US: 2AM EST, 11PM PST - Just went to bed for any minor in school, adult who works, or college kid who is focusing on his school work

    AU: 4PM - Adults likely still at work, minors getting home from school, focusing on homework, teens going to after school jobs, college kids possibly still in class / going to job.

    EU: 7AM - Still sleeping, Minors getting ready for school/on bus, adults getting ready for work.

    Point being: It is not "Prime Time" in any of the major timezones. Show me a single login at 9 PM EST that wasn't during server issues/reboots... :)
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