Who likes da butter?

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  1. Alright guys. I know you have it. I know you don't want it. But you should. That right. I'm talking about...BUTTER!!!! If you guys have and butter ingots that you don't want just give them to me and I'll keep them nice and warm on toast for you.

    Hugs and kisses gwormn
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  2. This borders on creepy...
  3. It borders on love. Gahh
  4. not just creepy, but scary.
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  6. Something tells me this thread was for spam...
  7. No I didn't take my ADHD pills today. I told you that. And I like da butter
  8. When?
    I spoke to you for like 20 seconds today.
  9. Then you must of ignored me
  10. So... I take it this a discussion about the practicality of gold in Minecraft?
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  11. as in this butter

    or this butter?
  12. Uh huh. I rarely ignore anything.
  13. I mean as in all the butter
  14. Hmmm need to get some at the store later..... redwing stuffies
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