who here makes mc videos?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by DogsRNice, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. if you do post them here

    (my first youtube video)
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  2. Pretty good, just needs sound
  3. i cant figure out how to put sound on it tells me to look for stuff like "speakers output" but i can't find it
  4. whatcha recording with? fraps? hypercam? camtasia? camstudio?
  5. Witch programs are you guys using to record the screen?? I want to make some videos:p
  6. i am using hyper cam
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  7. i use hypercam or camtasia
  8. i dont have that!!!!!!.JPG
    i dont HAVE recording device and it i don't see eneything elts
  9. Were did you find you the world?? Supercool:p
  10. omg that is a cool intro how do you do that?
  11. If you click that Default Recording device does it show anything else? I'm not too familiar with that program, just fraps and it has the option to record game and mic sound.
  12. my mother wont pay for sumthing i have already
  13. i did it when i was bored last night, the others are just tutorials
  14. you should start a lp
  15. What I meant was if you click that menu that says "Default Recording Device" does it show anything like "System Audio" like Hypercam 3 does? I'm not sure what version you use, I just downloaded it and got Hypercam 3.
  16. i forgot that it was emc videos sorry... I'm making one now :D