Who here is a three year vet?

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  1. Just wondering as I feel like I'm the only one left. :(
  2. A lot of staff members:
    -Me in 20 days
  3. Im a vet, older than these hooligans.

    Edit: BigDavie out ranks in me in days. Only a few months older.
  4. i hit my 2 year not too long ago on Agozyen
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  5. Baili and I are three years.
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  6. Uber_Corq too. And I forgot about krysyy, Aikar and Maxarias, they're all 3+ years old now
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  7. Oh yeah and that Bottle of a Corq. Krysyy, Aikar, and Max are not older than me in Days. Where you reading these numbers?
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  8. Now we all just have to get together and take over EMC! :D
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  9. I hit 3 years about two months ago.
  10. Forgot about them in my original list*
  11. #thesememories
  12. I hit 3 years a month ago :p
  13. 3 +years for the win. It is fun to see who has been here for so long.
  14. You haven't been here for three years lol.
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  15. Lets pour one out for our homies who couldn't be here today.

    *Press F to pay respects*
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  16. i hit 3 years in a few days

  17. Cough cough joined Jan. 26 2012... Cough cough you joined April 14 2012 cough cough ... Cleared my throat feel better now
  18. I'm at 2 years :/