WHO has the most rupees?

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  1. write down how many rupees you have, lets see who is the RICHEST NON-MODERATOR OR ADMIN in EMC. any one over 50,000r must verify with a picture.
  2. I think it's d1223m.
    He has 14r. (Seems legit.)
  3. I have 591. I so will lose :p
  4. a whole 14r?wooooaah, thats SO much! (indeed it does crazy =P)
  5. i have over 9000
  6. some things just never get old XD
  7. ba-dum-bam ksh!
  8. WHAT 9000??!!?
  9. i have 66k atm
  10. I second this! :D :cool:
  11. Told you i would lose ;)
  12. *takes notes for later criminal activities*
  13. i used to have 99k but then i took an arow to the knee =P naah but i bought 2000diamonds so now i have like 4k :(
  14. u siad u do skins??? could u make a skin of either like the water god poseidon (dont have a picture =P) or like Hidan from naruto? i would really apreciate it and i could pay u some =) pls mesage me back
  15. Well i find it hard to make one without knowing what to make it look like... I can try, but if you can give a picture, i can get it done sooner. Ill be back on tomorrow, but i have to go. Start a conversation if you want!
  16. I have 77k
  17. make that 97,796 rupees

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  18. :eek:
  19. wow how longhave u been saving
  20. Type /p Skilled_Creeper to see how long I have been playing
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