Who done it?

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  1. The person who voted for me has seen this thread and informed me of that fact.
    So I guess this is just an Ask Me Anything thread now.

    This is long overdue, but I figure now's as good a time as any.

    Someone voted for me on March 8th, twenty-nine days after my last log in and three days before my next. I want to know who did it.

    Also, so this thread doesn't suck immensely, I guess I'll answer questions people ask me. If this thread still sucks enough that it dies before the person who voted for me sees it, then I'll be forced to

    cry a lot.
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  2. why do u want to know? I know of a few people who votes got people they used to know who's resses they love and they vote to stop it from going derelict by voting.
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  3. It was one day before I went derelict. It would be unkind of me to accept this without wanting to know who did it for me.
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  4. How can you vote for someone else?
  5. You put their name in when you're voting. It means you can't vote for yourself on that day, but that's not the point I don't think.
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  6. Hm, so our mission is to have the voter see this.

    Could you ask me a question?
  7. Hehehe, as I've told others its always nice to save another person's residence. While it was not me in this case, I've done it for others before they go derelict because of their magnificent buildings, or things that they've done for me. In this case,

    I'd assume a friend of yours voted for you, or someonewhom appreciated your builds ;)
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  8. Voter has already seen this.
    I could ask you a question, yes.
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  9. How long does it take you to make one of those pony thingys in your signature?
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  10. Depends on how complicated it is and how much of it I have planned beforehand. The longest time I spent on one would be either the Princess Cadance one or the Lyra Heartstrings one.

    I think I spent 3 hours just making my Cadance vector... since there are no vectors on the internet of Cadance not looking at the floor.
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