Who Can Make R0bbieJo The Perfect Signature?

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  1. You all know me, well most of you anyway, and you know where I live.... on Smp4... and you should know about the Smp4 Paradise Project.... and of course... my name is Green... lol
    So who can make me the Signature that I will fall in love with...

    If you want to give it a shot... put them here... I will give 10 days for you all to work your signature magic... and I will pay 10K rupees to whomever's signature I choose... maybe more if its really awesome... ;)

    What do you think? :)

    If you have questions ask! It may help you win... :p

    I will pick one on August 17th.... so get busy... :)
  2. I'll have a go at this, not a great graphics designer but I'll give it a shot lol. The day the contest ends is my brothers birthday too :p
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  3. I can't enter...
    I don't have a good graphic designing software...
  4. Try GIMP, it's what I use and it's just as good as photoshop/fireworks and most importantly it's FREE! It's techinally photo editing software but it does the same job really. :) I am using it till I get a new computer and have photoshop run smoothly (totally not going to illegally download it or anything....;))
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  5. That sounds like something I want to try out... I love editing and creating photos and stuff...
  6. I like GIMP. Fun. Make faces like uh, muahahaha.
  7. [quote"]I like GIMP. Fun.[/quote]

    Too Funny lol
  8. Uh
    1. Do you like swirls?
    2. Do you like for text:

    3. What is your fav color?
  9. Any certain size you want it?
  10. Any particular colours/themes you like?
  11. Love the text style... Pink is my favorite color... I love it with Black White and Grey!

    Swirls... Probably not so much...
  12. As long as it fits on the forums... And looks balanced... :)
  13. I would love for it to incorporate who I am and what I do and my passion for the project... :)
  14. Wanted to make sure this didn't get lost... Time Zones are a pain sometimes..lol
  15. If you all go LOOK at the wall on smp4... and the main spawn tower that is almost done... that will give you Inspiration... :)

    And I changed my pic to my Avatar so you can see that too... cause its perfect and its ME.... :)
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  17. robbiejo signature.png I hope you like it :) Also, the due date is the day before my birthday :3
  18. I made three in total, first picture is probably the best of them (I like clean and simple designs)

    I have the .psd files for these saved, so any adjustments to them are easily done

    If you end up choosing one of these send me a pm and I will link you to the higher definition pictures (these are not as sharp as they could be as I didn't set the render to max settings.

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