Who can help me install minecraft on a Chromebook?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by GreenMeanie, Jan 8, 2015.

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  1. I have rooted a chromebook and I installed *I think it is chronos...*

    \/ What I use to start ubuntu \/
    sudo startunity
    I need a complete walkthrough, step-by-step, and please do not tell me to just find one on google... cause I cannot bring myself to understand it.

    If anyone is able to, an "all-in-one" will be very helpful for me. Cause... I have to admit that I am a complete linux n00b.
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  2. Good luck... Can't offer any advice, sadly
  3. So you need help running Minecraft on ubuntu then? Because chromebooks come with ChromeOS installed but it sounds like you've uinstalled ubuntu.

    If so just do this;
    download the minecraft.jar file from minecraft.net, and get it on your desktop. Right click it and go to (I believe it is) "properties", and click something along the lines of "allow executable .jar".
  4. A Chromebook would be a very bad computer for Minecraft, and it also can't run Minecraft under normal circumstances. Chromebooks have very small amounts of ram, so even if they could run Minecraft it would be very laggy. The reason being is because they're strictly work computers. Also, they have no file systems. If there's no file system, you can't run Minecraft normally. Everything is done through Google Drive, which you can't put Minecraft on.

    EDIT: They DO have file systems, but Chromebooks can't run that type of file.
  5. As I said... I installed Ubuntu on the system...

    I did click the allow to execute button

    I can open the launcher and login... But it crashes

    Says something about trying to update the natives... And then it deletes the natives and the jar...
  6. Oh and... Idk if it voids the warranty or not, but I kinda installed a new graphics card and a fresh batch of 8gb of good ram. Can't remember the brand.

    J.K. I installed a Titan into my chromebook
  7. It's doing this, because even with Ubuntu on the system, it just isn't able to run Minecraft.
  8. My chromebook has 8 gigs of ram, a GTX 980, and a 5830k. Ballin'
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  9. step 1: sell the chromebook for as high as you can sell it for
    step 2: save the $20 you get from selling it
    step 3: save up until you have enough to buy or build your own computer
    step 4: after you buy or build your computer, install an operating system and then download minecraft at minecraft.net
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  10. I have a hadron collider already... I am just grounded, and my parents think I am doing "schoolwork" on a crappy laptop... It is considered a laptop, right?
  11. I'm afraid your parents have outsmarted you. A chromebook is good for your school and that's about it. I don't even know if it could drive a 1080p YouTube video lol. It's better worth your time to fix up whatever you did to get grounded and use your main rig :/
  12. Use a flash game website or browse the forums
  13. Ok... This wasn't really helpful. Simon, you can go ahead and close this
  14. It wasn't really helpful because there's no help to give. Chromebooks are basically crap when it comes to gaming, as they're work computers and NOTHING else. They have very low hard drive space, and a poor processor, bad graphics, you just can't run a game on them. Installing Ubuntu wouldn't help either, as it would just take up even more space on the very limited hard drive. The point is, you aren't going to get any actual games on a Chromebook, just a small amount of apps that you buy. The only thing you can do is wait until you can use your old computer or try to fix what you did.
    [EDIT]: Even if you actually do what Ultimamaxx said, your Chromebook still has bad specs and Minecraft would run at a very slow and painful speed. It may be worth it if you're desperate, but it's just not that good.
  15. To be honest just looking at the specs of any chromebook. I think you wouldn't be able to run the game at all. Even if you did manage to start MC, when you log in you would most likely crash.
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