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  1. Hello everyone,

    Over the recent weeks/months, three states have outlawed the use of "Global Warming related terms" in official documents/statements. This is truly an outrage. Global warming is an issue that needs to be talked about, and our government should not have the right to stop our elected officials from bringing up important matters. Even beyond global warming, this is a fight for first ammendment rights. If our government is one that represents the people, limiting its speech is the same as limiting our own.

    I am not an amazing writer or legal expert, so please PM me if you have anything to say that I should add to the petition. I am asking for the support of the EMC community to get this rolling. I know this thread is brief, so more information can be found in the links below.

    Reddit: http://redd.it/32ehl5

    Petition: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/pe...climate-change-be-stated-official-documents-0

    Imgur Post: http://imgur.com/gallery/WUOgE, http://imgur.com/gallery/gMW3E http://imgur.com/gallery/nck55
  2. Global warming is very controversial, so I understand why the states did it. I'm not gonna sign the petition sorry :(
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  3. I don't get how something that is true is controversial. It's like banning the word bacon because some religions don't agree with it...

    Global warming is a thing. So is bacon. I, for one, welcome our b***n overlords who will appear due to g***** w******. YES I KNOW IT'S EATING CERTAIN MEATS, IT WAS JUST AN EXAMPLE.
  4. Beyond global warming, this is a fight for first amendment rights. I am not one to say our country is becoming undemocratic, but disallowing free speech for private interest is anything but democratic.

    EDIT: global warming is in denial due to private interest. The fact do not lie. There is an issue which at least needs to be addressed versus tucked away in the corner.
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  5. I too think that global warming is something that can't just be pushed aside or dismissed as being "false." It is a real thing, and it is one of many things that is killing our planet. If people want a nice cozy Earth to live on, they honestly need to stop ignoring the truth and start talking about ways to fix it.
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  6. Our planet is dying no matter what. I don't think enough people love the planet more than themselves to get much done before the end. I'm out.
  7. Global warming is a worst case that is slowly coming alive. If there is a tornado 10 miles away, you don't say "oh. I only have a 21.5% chance it will hit me," you bunker down. You also look at your wind vain and if the wind is coming towards you, you get out of there. The equivalent of our wind vain is the recent temperature and co2 level data
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  8. Accept for the fact we live here, and will not exist if we don't. I am 40 years old with a treatable disease, but I will die if not treated. do you not treat me because I will die eventually? No. You treat me and preserve my life.
  9. Personally I don't believe in it. But hey, everyone is welcome to an opinion.
  10. *Signed*

    Edit: Technichally this is illegal if you live in one of those four states... Petitions are official documents and the term "Global Warming" is politically incorrect there. ;)
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  11. See, what many people don't realize about global warming is that it won't cause us to die due to an abundance of heat, but from the cold. Let me explain.

    You see, global warming is dangerous in extremes because of its ability to cause a large shift in the climate of Earth, making it much hotter, right? When the Earth warms up, the polar ice caps will melt (great, already knew that). When this happens, there will be mass flooding and a huge change in the aquatic form of the Earth. But what if I told you that was incorrect?

    The melting of the polar ice caps would cause massive flooding, but we will be dead long before that has any real impact on humanity. Why? Because we'll all freeze to death long before that day.

    You see, when the ice caps melt, it will cause the temperature of the oceans to lower significantly, first cutting off warm water currents, and then gradually causing the entire world to be plunged into another ice age.

    Therefore, global warming = ice age.
  12. I agree with you, and that is exactly why such things need to be turned into policy and initiatives. We can't rely on every individual in a population to care enough to make significant change, thus we need a governing body to force it upon us. I am generally against large government, but this is something that can't just be ignore.
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  13. I am no expert, but living in the same house as my dad who is extremely against the claims of global warming and how exaggerated it is, but I believe that it shouldn't really matter if they do that. All of the other states haven't banned it. A few states won't slow down what is supposed to be 'life threatening' and has the ability to 'destroy the world'.
  14. All movements have started small, and gone large. It is easy to say that a few small actions can't create a large outcome, but I challenge you to find a large outcome that hasn't started small. Bonus points if you can find one where people claimed there was no need to worry.
  15. Very true. Look at Mars. That's what is widely agreed happened there.

    Edit: To clarify: What I meant was not that life had any role in global warming on Mars, but the (most of) the atmosphere was taken off of it similar to what we are doing to earth. :p
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  16. I haven't heard of this in the news yet, but it is violating the bill of rights. It is definitely an issue that our government needs to consider. Maybe global warming isn't really happening; it could just be a typical phase earth goes through. However, it could very well be true and banning the discussion of this topic is truly outrageous
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  17. For an excellent example of this, see religion.
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  18. Human stupidity. It was always large in relation to the people available to be stupid.