Which server needs a new mega mall part 2.

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  1. I have just confirmed smp3 and jkrmnj and I are now looking for a res close to spawn and need a donation. If you have a res you aren't using that is a res close to spawn and has an easy to remember number, it would be appreciated if you could donate. By the end of the month I will be auctioning of a DC of emeralds to raise money and then the build will get going. Follow me for updates on the shop and keep the eye out for the auction!
  2. There's a res open next to mine (7076) but it is pretty far away form spawn. But I would love to have an active neighbor.
  3. Goo to see SMP3 getting a mall, now maybe some more players :p
  4. Where great shops come great lag.
  5. Cool, I don't spend too much time on smp3 buy I'm trying to visit more often, as smp3 needs some love. It's good to see something that'll bring more people to that server.

    And remember kids, every night before you go to bed, give smp3 a hug, it gets lonely and sad.
  6. Poor SMP3... It kinda sits in SMP2's Shadow