Which recording software do you recommend?

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  1. I was thinking of starting a Youtube channel and I need your input on which recording software you recommend. The top 4 most commented softwares will go into a poll in another thread. I'm looking for a easy to use software which lets you add on screen text and records voice as well.
  2. I use Fraps to record my videos at 60fps. Dxtory is better, but I can't use it anymore because it broke (I could probably fix it). The only difference between Fraps and Dxtory is that Dxtory records system sounds and mic sounds separately in a video clip, which makes audio editing much easier. Also, on-screen text can be added using a video editor. I use Sony Vegas. Fraps and Dxtory can both be downloaded for free using other methods.
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  3. Try obs. It is a free open source screen recorder that works very well.
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  4. continuing with that, obs can choose either a whole screen capture or you can do game capture if you just want to get minecraft.
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  5. I use Fraps myself, but I've heard good things about Dxtory. Never got around to buying it, not sure if I will, but it's worth looking into.
    Which Sony Vegas do you use Ultimamaxx? I've heard good things about it as an editing software, is it complex or easy to use? :)
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  6. People moan about Bandicam, but if you have enough sense to use good codecs etc, it's great. Fraps is laggy as hell/generates really really huge files, and Dxtory's great, but I've found it to be ever so slightly tempremental.

    If you want my full recording setup, feel free to PM me. :)

    Newest version of Sony Vegas for editing.
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  7. It can be easy, can be very complex. It really depends on what you're trying to do. You'll be able to pick up how to edit basic game footage in half an hour max.
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  9. But.. Sony Vegas is like.. $1k right? If you're starting out.. thats a bit too much..
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  10. $600 ;)

    Camtasia's generally a decent start for editing (NOT RECORDING) for most people.
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  11. Yea, this is my starting setup if your wondering:
    Astro A40 Headset
    Blue Yeti
    Camtasia Editing software
    Action! Recording software
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  12. Camtasia, definately ;)
    High quality recording and editing. It costs but you might as well keep downloading the trial as it runs out :p
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  13. You do know Camtasia can't even record full screen stuff..
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  14. Don't ever record gameplay with Camtasia. It's one of the worst things you can use. Use something that's designed for recording gameplay. Camtasia is a screen recorder. :p
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  15. I know, that is a downfall, not much of a problem though :)

    I find it the best non-watermark recording, But i do suppose there are better things out there
    Its just beacause im used to using it.
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  16. Fraps or Dxtory, Obs for streaming
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  17. I used Dxtory to record when I did YouTube along with Sony Vegas Pro 13. If you want any assistance getting Dxtory or Sony Vegas to work if you decide to go with any of them, shoot me a PM and I'll try my best to help :)
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  18. I currently use Sony Vegas 12. It is the best one in my opinion, and it is also very easy to use. In 2013, I edited a two hour long Minecraft video in about 30 minutes (it was well-edited). :) I tend to work very quickly when I'm editing.
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