Which one of these are best?

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which one of these things do you like most in my res?

Skin competition 1 vote(s) 6.7%
Parkour 11 vote(s) 73.3%
Horse race 3 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. Please vote to see which one of these events should I hold in my res and which one is best in my res! Thanks mates!! :D
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  2. Ha ha ha, I'm in the minority ;)

    Well, thing is; first day I came to this server I was learning a lot and just trying to catch onto this experience (which was quite overwhelming) and then someone started to talk in town chat about races ;) I eventually ended up on your res. we were doing a horse race and I remember all that because I won :cool:

    And all of that on my first day, that was quite amazing :)
  3. Skin comps, well, when you live on smp5 you learn to live with the insane amount of drama and complaints they cause. So I'm not really a fan of those.

    Horse racing is fun, but maybe not the most practical with a lot of people. I'd say your best bet is parkour.