Which is your first computer

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What's the price for your first computer?

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Entry-level (<$200) 1 vote(s) 9.1%
Mainstream ($201-800) 2 vote(s) 18.2%
High end ($801-1400) 3 vote(s) 27.3%
Extreme ($1401+) 5 vote(s) 45.5%
  1. What do you have?
  2. My first pc was an aspire one netbook from acer, it was $199 and it had 1gb ram, atom processor, integrated graphics card and a 8'' (if im not wrong, less) screen :p
  3. I got my first computer when I am 6,it has a Pentium 4 processor,30 GB harddrive and 512 MB of ram.I use it to run a 10 slot server right now(With updated memory)
  4. my macbook is on the EXTREME level XD
  5. My first computer was a Dick Smith VZ300. it had 16k of ram and a cassette recorder for storage and a built in BASIC rom. It was given to me for free.
  6. 16000 ram? it means 16 gb? 1000 mb = 1 gb?

    Anyways, my actuall pc's are>
    MacBook Air (last version with 4gb ram, intel i5 dual-core @ 1,7ghz and integrated 358mb graphics card)
    MacBook PRO -Core i7 @ 2,4GHz with 6mb l3 shared cache, 8gb ram, AMD HD 6770M/1gb GDDR5 graphics card
    Toshiba L645 with 3gb ram, intel pentium last gen @ 2GHz integrated graphics card :p

    I use the air for school stuff, the pro for extreme gaming / video producing and the toshiba for other tasks such as playing minecraft and surfing the web

    The reason i use them for diferent tasks is to give them more life (battery and components have a life also :)

    Sometimes i decide to feel like a boss and i play MW3 with a 42'' LCD screen :p
  7. My current com is self-made, cost me 2.5k
  8. sick
  9. i know, 0 lag baby!
  10. my first computer was a family built computer, with a 1gb hdd (top of the line at the time) 128mb ram (again, we are talking top notch here) and a new model 56k modem, which were all the rage in those days XD. I was 8 or 9 i think, but It was awesome, i played to poo out of some doom, and Chip's Challenge
  11. hah i remember chip's challenge, that was part of the windows entertainment pack wasnt it?
  12. mos DEF ! i loved the e-pack, 3 folders of greatness XD, tripeaks was my favorite card game out of it.
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  13. ski free was my favourite, determined to find a way not to get eaten by the yeti lol
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  14. ... omg.. i totally forgot ski.. i hated it, i could never "win"
  15. lol i cant even remember the spec of my first pc. it was almost 15 years ago. (Played sc1 and total anihilation when it was release. although dad beat me in TA and mom beat me in sc1. :( )
    the one after that got Pent III 700-900mhz ( changable in BIOS )
    and 384 mb ram

    My current is Lenovo Y570 (modified) change HDD to 500gb 7200rpm and add 4gb ram (4 at first)
  16. can someone please post in this thread their first computer was an abacus or operated on punch cards, because i'm really starting to feel old.
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  17. Some old dos computer.Can't really remember much about it.
  18. First PC I touched was a IBM 5100 my dadad had :u

    Every macbook is on the extreme level. 8D

    >MacBook PRO

    ????(゜Д ゜)????(゜ Д゜)????(゜Д ゜)????(゜ Д゜)????(゜Д ゜)????(゜ Д゜)????