Which is better?

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Which is better?

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Mega Mall 11 vote(s) 32.4%
Medium Sized Store with lots of stock 23 vote(s) 67.6%
  1. Hello EMC! I have a question for everyone on the forums and need all of your opinions. Which is better? A mega mall or a medium sized store that is always fully stocked? The reason I am asking this is because I am deciding on which one to build. I have heard the smaller shops with more stock do better but I am not 100% sure so I need your feedback! BTW I am on smp 9 which has mega malls already. I prefer the more crowded servers for more business :p. Please vote too. :) I need ideas to for this so let me know if you have any designs.
  2. Depends on the smp
  3. A medium Sized Store, A mall can get out of hand and will get crazy. Just keep a store with the items you Can get good and make Profit. Giant malls will just lag the servers and never stock.
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  4. I would definitely suggest this on most smp's DONT make a mega mall on smp1 or smp9
  5. Medium sized store is the way to go. Mega malls are too much work, unless you love work.
  6. i need more opinions
  7. Medium sized. It seems a lot of people who try to make mega malls never finish it or have it become as successful as they hoped.
  8. I would suggest a specialized store, something that stocks a specific type of item that is both cheaper, and better stocked than a mega mall. You attract people from all over that look for a specific thing, making a niche. Mega malls tend to have profit scale to popularity. A very badly priced and stocked mall with a good name can make more profit than the opposite.
    So... yeah....
    I dunno, someplace that sells all types of wood and all products derived thereof relatively cheaply?
    Or maybe a well stocked ores/minerals store. ( <----- Lotsa business :p )
  9. As a mall owner myself, I do make quite a lot of profit off of owning a mall. It does make a lot of rupees. Ask Todd_Vinton. He's rich, and has the most famous mega mall. Even though medium-sized shops would be good, owning a mega mall is fun too! And I suggest that even though smp1 is a very populated server, there are a lot of malls on there, so try another server. Try smp3 maybe, or smp6. Go to a server that doesn't have a lot of malls.
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  10. The primary problem being that if you were to pick a really small server (smp3/6/maybe7) most people wouldn't visit it. Similarly, with smp1 and 9, there's too much competition. A mega mall could only survive on a popular server being being under-priced, which leads to being out of stock. The identically priced shop on a slow server would not gain enough profit fast enough to be worth it. But the more expensive shop on a slow server wont be used because most people would use the shops on their server. So what's the solution? I'd say build a mall slightly below average prices on a popular non-smp1/9 server.

    *Assuming you choose in favor of a mall altogether*
  11. I think a medium shop that specializes in those items that always seem to be out of stock. Redstone torches, maps, books perhaps?
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  12. Yeah mine would not. I am on enough that it would stay in stock a lot. :)
  13. Yes It would definitely sell ores/minerals
  14. Yeah but you are always out of stock on diamonds :(. Smaller shops are usually more successful in the long run :)
  15. I need some design ideas for a medium sized shop. Please help me out :)
  16. Bump I need design ideas :)
  17. I agree with the majority. It's better to have a well stocked, and easy to restock store than a mega mall that only has stock on low end selling items.

    In terms of layout, keep it plain and simple so people will know exactly where something is.
    You can always decorate after to make it a bit mor fanciful.
  18. I like it. ;)
  19. Make something like a walk down aisle in walmart,staples,etc. Be fun to make it look fancy and stuff :p