Which game would you have in the entire world?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by ZombieSlayer010, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. Me? Simcity 5. I ruv it.
  2. The title doesn't make any sense...
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  3. Really? Have you even seen the people in town chat?
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  4. Creepers in real life?! Are you people crazy?!
  5. Yes
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  6. Gross. Maybe a spoiler next time?
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  7. Crash Bandicoot :D
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  8. Ok Lol. You thought it was Scary :I Hha
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  9. No, but tbh it's not something I'd like to see whenever I click on this thread.
  10. Hmm...
    TF2, Fez, Terrarria, minecraft, cube world, StarCraft, Wow, LoL, Wizard 101 (without the viruses :p), and... I dunno really :p I can't decide. But, it won't be pokemon, that game is so addicting and cruel at the same time...
  11. Just gross.... I can't believe Pikachu is eating his own leg, I mean... It's not that tasty... Is it?
    (in all seriousness that picture is very disturbing...)
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  12. :( Ok I relize it was a bit disturbing so I deleted it. Sorry for any thing I Haz Caoused
  13. Pokemon.
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  14. Hmm... Lego Universe, Fez, Cube World, and 0x10c.
  15. Pokemans....
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  16. Yep :3
  17. I guess I change mine to MC, I want to ride a horse without accidentally being trampled.