Where were you going?

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  1. Well, I wanted to see what lies beyond the EMC town, so i decided to go for a little stroll. After walking for a while, i got this:
  2. my name is there lol
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  3. Yeah, where were you going?
  4. To explore! :D
  5. *Begins strolling around town spawn*
  6. Hey, you gonna finish my signature? :p
    Jk xD
    But seriously, will you?
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  7. That is some terrible invisible text :(
  8. Haha! :) As for your signature, I'm not really on my "Signature-making Computer" :D I'll get to it soon.

    Anyway, back on topic...
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  9. i did that onceXD it said the exact same message :p
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  10. I was trying to get back to the LLO that way xD thanks a lot Rei's.
  11. #sassy XD
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  12. Da Sasseh Smoocheh.jpg
  13. how far out do you have to go?
  14. 100, 200 blocks? not quite sure :p
  15. Ive gotten this message when i was going out further of unclaimed land in town
  16. That seem the idea, I do wonder why it stops you though, maybe they're hiding something.....