Where have you been old friend!?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by iSmooch, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. We have missed you full TabList.
  2. Most beautiful thing ever.
  3. So many people!! :)
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  4. When I first joined the server, most of the servers was ALWAYS full like this :D
    Sad to see that alot of people are inactive now :(
  5. :D, It's soo beautiful *manly tear rolls down my face <--I'm not crying lol
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  6. Oh what a wonderful sight! ^_^
  7. Manly tears are never crying, just liquid manliness excreting from the body through the pupils, a pain that only a man can endure.
  8. What server was this on?
  9. smp 9,it was full enough for long enough to actually kick 9 people for 'Idleing' and still be full afterwards.
  10. Chat was flying by so fast..
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  11. Woot! We can finally have something to complain about EMC again!
  12. Nice to see the userbase has recovered since my plans to lava-wall SMP5's Wild :)
    21/7/12 NEVAR FORGET
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  13. woot! partay time :3 yipeee
  14. You know when I first came to the server I'd sit for a half hour continuously trying to log on. I did that today when I saw Smp9 and I think Smp1 were full today, just to be a part of it.
    I never got on though :'(
  15. When i first joined i was thinking of buying supporter just to have a free slot
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  16. I wonder if first time people have right of way?
  17. SMP1 Is Also FULL! :D
    Its been so long!
  18. Yay the rainbowness fills the screen :D
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