Where Can I Buy A Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock?

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  1. Where Can I Buy A Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock? I'd like to buy one for my res, 738. If you're selling one how much?
  2. Considering there has only been one or two given out EVER, I dont think you can
  3. If you want it as a collectors item, there are only two in existence so that may not be possible. But, if you want it so that you can clear out the dirt on your residence, the senior staff can do that for a fee of 60k without the dirt clock.
  4. Who actually has the dirt destroying ticking tock?:p ~FDNY21
  5. Yum Dirt destroying. Momentus and Marlix love them some Dirt Destroying Ticking Tocks.
  6. I'm pretty sure you can pay Sr. Staff 60k and they'll give you one. It's just like a voucher.
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  7. Nope, it's 60k for res clear, the Dirt Destroying Tick Tock can be exchanged for a res clearing.
    They were given as prizes in the vote-offs, only 7 in circulation, maybe less.
  8. Wish I could find one..would be an achievement to buy one ~FDNY21
  9. Alex paid 60k so he could give it away. Almost 100% sure that you can buy one for 60k from staff and give it as a gift to your friend or whatever, and they can show it to staff for a free clearance.
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  10. rainbows are nice
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  11. oh, I just got it.
    If that's true, then I need to get back out there...
  12. Which went over our heads? The OP, my link to Staff Services, or Aikar's comment? I'm thinking the latter was suggesting that Momentus and Marlix are dropping them?
  13. huh?....what i like rainbows
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  14. Am I sensing a rare drop hint? :p
  15. Dunno They like vault vouchers too
  16. Dang, my ninja hint sense is getting real tingly. :p
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  17. Is that falsely colored greytext on purpose? I'd think you more than anyone else would know its #2a2a2a not just regular grey.
  18. I see, so Marlix and Momentus have this disease that they poop dirt incinerators and vault space. Very odd you should probably look into a vaccine :)
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  19. NURR. no vaccine necessary! leave it as it is <3
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