When will EMC add new more Minibosses?

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You would like to have more custom mobs on EMC?

Yes!!! 12 vote(s) 85.7%
I don't know 1 vote(s) 7.1%
Never! 1 vote(s) 7.1%
  1. When Empire Minecraft will add More Bosses like Momentus or Marlix?

    It will be so cool to have new custom mobs or bosses from EMC, Idk when they added Momentus and Marlix but it is time to add more!
    Why not a Miniboss in Nether ? A boss ghast or blaze or Something else?, or custom mobs like
    Enraged Pigman or Enraged Blaze?
    In the Ender they can add things like Enraged Enderman
    Enraged Shulker is not a good idea for their spawns...

    But New Miniboss and Custom Mobs will be the best EMC update!

    What do you think of those ideas?
  2. Currently EMC's focus is not at the minibosses, I am not tooo sure about it but I guess they are first going to roll out the Empires update and probably be making EMC ready for 1.13 too.
    However, with the dragon tombs update we will see some new bosses and custom mobs probably.

    Also, you can suggest your mobs in this form and it might get added ;).

    I like the suggestion though, it would indeed be cool for some vanilla mobs to have an enraged form or maybe indeed some minibosses in the nether too :)
  3. I was thinking earlier this week a rabbit might be fun for around the Easter holiday or spring in general. We have the Super Turkeys then Bliz Ard then nothing the rest of the year. One could summon baby rabbits something like Netherhounds do and try to mob you with their cute little mouths and paws. One of the drops could be a special egg.
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  4. Some extra special updates are in the works. And I mean that as in they are in testing phase. When something like that happens, we can't push out mini-updates for events without prematurely releasing the other update, which is in de-bug mode currently.

    This is something that may be shared for future years when that's not the case though ;)
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  5. Emphasis on YEARS though, right? :p

    I'm joking, plz no ban <--- this was supposed to be invisible D:
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  6. This time of year tends to be the moment when Aikar has the most time to code so generally there are updates associated. I said years because I don't want someone quoting my post next year if it doesn't happen and claiming I broke a promise.
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  7. Aikar, this last like 6 months, has been focused on “the project of his life” which is why updates hs been slow. Just a phew weeks ago he started streaming EMC coding again.

    I know there is already a “completely planned out boss” (do not remember name, it was posted on someone’s profile)

    And also, that it is intended to have enraged versions of all mobs/animals.

    Just that Aikar hasn’t had time =P
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  8. Rip
  9. Yeah thank you for the link
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