When tokens will have an use?

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  1. ...read what the title says
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  2. This is a snippet from the first post of this thread. I know it doesn't really help, but understand that Aikar has to do several things. He has to work on SpongePowered so that 1.8 can get up and running, he has to worry about all these new supporter changes that are incoming, he is working on finally getting the games world up, and he has a million bajillion other things on his to-do list, so it's hard to predict an ETA, which is why he asked people not to ask about them. :) I'd rather he take a few hours off to relax and recover each day than to see him work himself even harder to meet deadlines that he's set by answering questions like these.
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  3. Aikar stated (In his coding stream), they will be used for buying extra reses and mini boss drops...
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