When the Mods are a sleep - The kid's come out to play!

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  1. Hey guys.

    We need to sort this problem out when there are no mods online. The chat just becomes a frenzy of rude, racist and cursing comments.

    Is there a possibility that the public could /kick a player by having a voting system.

    Let's say 50% or 75% of users have to use the /kick [player name] on the same player to enable the kick function.

    So let's make a scenario.

    There are 40/45 players.,

    Someone comes in being racist who is called Bob.

    People don't like the way he is acting.

    One player uses the /kick command. "/kick Bob"

    The system comes back with a message saying [1/20 Voted To Kick Bob - 19 More people needed]

    Then when 19 more people type in the same command, Bob will get kicked with the reason: Mutiny.

    What do you guys think? Is it a possibility?

  2. I think this is a very good idea, but maybe the player who starts it needs to give a reason, so that a person can't just start it because they and a few of their friends don't like the person they are trying to kick. So if the system, on pre-determined parameters, decides the reason is not good, or looks on the chat log and sees that the reason is false, the system can deny the attempted kick.
  3. i support this idea very much
  4. I have suggested more mods from timezones other than the US and AUS.... but hey ya know.. lets add more AUS and US mods...

    But my guess is this would mainly be because the rest of the server is generally kids. so I'd rather have offline mods than little ones.
  5. Oh so thats why you quit...
  6. Nope. I quite because the game is unplayable for me, block lag is rather annoying and I dislike it so I choose to stop playing.
  7. just because some people may be young doesnt mean that they arent mature, thats still possible now days
  8. Righto, sorry to hear that mate, hopefully 1.0 will fix that for you :)
  9. Just so you know Tom, the current best way for players to deal with this kind of thing is to take a screenshot of what was written in the chat (by pressing F2; I think if may be different on a mac), and sending a private message to the staff here with the screenshot included.

    Unfortunately, at the moment the only way to insert a screenshot to a private message is by first posting it on an image hosting site and linking to it in the message. This isn't the most convenient, but it works.

    While this won't stop the chaos while it's happening, it will result in the offending parties being dealt with appropriately.

    Reports from players like yourself can be quite useful in keeping the Empire a cool place. :)
  10. Signed.

    Sick and tired of seeing 3 or 4 brats at a time making the global chat a living hell of spam whenever there are no staff online. Would apply to be a moderator to at least ease some of the tension, but, I gotta wait first.
  11. I've seen stuff like this on other servers, it made them alot nicer. I vote "yes" to this idea.
  12. I will think out some sort of system :) one thing I can remind everyone of is that you can ignore people in the chat system :)
  13. We've investigated the thought of this before, but have come to the conclusion that it wouldn't be suitable and is EASILY exploitable.

    First, it can easily be used, if the right people are in the same server to kick innocent people to get their friends in. An example of this is in L4D2. While I'm not saying it's the nicest thing in the world, if we're playing with 3 friends and a random and a friend comes on, we'll probably kick the random to get our friend in and will win due to "majority vote". The person could have been a great supportive player, but due to our "gang mentality" he got screwed.

    Secondly, there is nothing to prevent someone from voting to kick anyone at any given time. This would also flood the chat with more stuff than the original problem.
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  14. I agree with Jeremy that adding this feature would be exploited as well as add more junk to the chat field than necessary.

    I think we should just use the ignore option more often if someone is being a pain.

    It would be nice if there were more mods from different timezones like autonamus suggests.

    It would also be nice if there was a better reporting feature so mods can deal with problems later. I care about helping regulate the chat but not enough to take a screen shot, put it on another web site, and then link it in a PM... too much of a hassle really.
  15. Well, you can actually upload the images directly here using the "upload" or "attachment" feature.
  16. In the forums yes. But as said by Dark_liz this is not as simple in the private conversations to admins/mods. =/
    I also have to say that I don't fancy the open for all kick-vote system. Sometimes there are about 1-2 supporters online and no mods/admins. What could happen here is when the supporters are trying to upholdning the rules by telling people off, the trubblemakers could administer the vote against them and get it through by the majority vote. Wouldn't the trolls just love to kick anyone who points out their inappopiate behavior?

    However I really think that something have to be done. It's not effective enough when the punishment is delayed with about 10-30 minutes but I can not think of any effective ways. Pehaps a chat bot? Or some kind of temporary undercover mod who will only be able to administer the kick-vote system?
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  17. Interesting idea Grymtflo!
  18. If there was any sort of public kicking system, it shouldn't be visibly apparent to the players. Instead of one person initiating a vote and having the majority cast their votes, give players a /report command (which is coming). When enough players have reported a certain player, they are kicked. However, no player is ever aware of any actions of other players.

    It would be an extreme occurrence in this system for the required amount of players to exploit it in order to kick an innocent player. This command would only be available if say ten or more players were online, so that a few people in cahoots couldn't gang up on the remaining couple players.
  19. That's a pretty nifty idea Aus.
  20. We run a Minecraft server at school for some of the younger kids at lunchtime, the guys who started it are Admins but the rest of us (about 5) are all given some privileges to help them out, like we can kick, teleport people etc. Why don't you do that for certain players who have get voted in? Like hold a community vote to make Operators who can kick players and other things, like Mods just not as powerful. A community vote that allows people to choose the Ops would mean that there's a much larger chance of trusted members becoming Ops, plus you should only allow Members to run for Op so that you know they're a part of the community here. Even do little interviews with the contenders. Having a few of these "Ops" would help behaviour of players improve I feel.
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