When the 1.2 update comes out, will the build limit increase?

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  1. My brother ENWehr, JabrZer0 and I are planning on building The Floating City Sanctaphrax from The Edge Chronicles. A few pictures are below...

    Seeing as this city is FLOATING the higher we could build it the better... So as a query, should we wait for the update to be integrated into the Empire for a max build limit increase (due to the Anchor system I believe it is called?) or would this be to much of a hassle on the servers so we should just go at it as is?
  2. I hope the build limit is increased, for reasons like this. This will be an awesome build :) Might increase lag too though.. I'm sure Justin and Jeremy are looking into it!
  3. I'm worried about the lag too... I sure hope they manage to increase it because it would essentially double everyone's res sizes, but again that can't be easy on the hardware
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  4. There is no real way to stop it being implemented with everyone else using a mod as well.
  5. I do plan on doing everything in my power to get the new build limits as soon as we can after the release. This next release is going to be a real headache, as they are changing the way world files are stored, and we have so much custom code around the current way they are stored (residence protection, etc).
  6. Well good sir, I wish you the absolute best of luck in trying to figure it all out when that time eventually rolls around. :) I hope it all works out
  7. sounds like they are just expanding the structs a bit? so shouldnt it 'in theory' be "update EMC's structs to match the new ones" and most the code should still line up?

    Also, Does bukkit not work on and release betas of the next ver based on snapshot builds? Or does Mojang not release server snapshots?
  8. Mojang does indeed release server snapshots, they're released at the same time the client snapshots come out. However, that still leaves the question about whether or not Bukkit also releases development builds built against the snapshots.
  9. Bukkit does not start early on snapshots AFAIK. Also Bukkit actually gets the full source code, I think they are the only people who do.
  10. Wait.. im confused I never heard of this part of the update. What are you guys talking about? What is this anchor system or whatever? Anyone have a link to info about it or something?

    And if its possible we will get more room on our res's that would be cool however I already have a good design for my res. The extra room is always good but I already seem to have quite a bit of lag on my res according to others. I already have been trying to cut down on lag by reducing some things but yeah.
  11. http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Upcoming_features

    I'm sorry I had the name wrong. It isn't called Anchor, the new system is called Anvil. It will increase the build height from 128 to 256 (one more power of 2). If you want to get to it quickly just Ctrl+F search Anvil