When moderators are afk, the players will play lol

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by WayneKramer, Mar 23, 2014.

  1. ... Need to remember to log out...
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  2. nah, it's good times

  3. *selfie overload*
  4. What are you doing with 91 levels of experience? :eek:
  5. I don't enchant things very often.
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  6. Rainbow, if you still have it, please post what I did when I saw you disconnect in the wild... ;)
  7. Oh gosh nick xD
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  8. When I did a job for ArtemisV, he was afk for a few minutes before he noticed me. So I wrote some literature while I waited. And yes, I wrote the whole darn thing in the time he was gone.

    I then tried to give him the poem, but he didn't keep it. I don't know why.
  9. spam 2013-08-25_12.34.39.png 2013-10-19_14.38.42.png 2013-10-23_23.17.52.png 2013-10-24_14.35.11.png 2013-10-24_14.39.54.png 2013-11-05_17.36.36.png 2013-11-05_17.38.35.png 2013-11-05_17.48.23.png 2013-11-10_20.06.39.png 2013-11-25_18.45.01.png 2013-11-26_18.38.51.png 2013-11-29_12.00.02.png 2013-12-20_11.59.31.png 2013-12-22_02.27.18.png 2014-01-21_19.24.01.png 2014-02-19_22.06.56.png
    I had a ton more but i think i deleted them :(
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  10. love this thread.
  11. I dont know what you would need because i dont remember, but i know that you can set your computer to trigger the alt+F4 keys to close anything you have open when your afk
  12. don't help him dylan_frenette! :mad:
  13. What is lol and how do you play it?
  14. lol is how you would describe the way i play minecraft
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  16. Hush, hush, they do not have to know! :D
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