When is 1.0 up?

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  1. Hi, I'm new. Empire Minecraft is the most active server I could find after reading mcserverlist and testing 7 servers. It is also the most professional one, which means that admins do not change the day and night whenever they want.

    When is 1.0 version up?
  2. I am glad you enjoy the Empire :)

    We are currently waiting for Bukkit to release the server software that powers the core of the Empire servers. Hopefully it will be within the next day or two, but unfortunately it is hard to pick a date. They are working around the clock to get everything out. Thanks for the patience :)
  3. yeh bukkit is know out so get testing
  4. Bukkit is not out, any server running the very first early build is just impatient and setting up for failure.
  5. lol i was just playing on it but its very buggy you point exacly
  6. Yeah I also have tested the Empire plugin against it, but I already found a couple serious bugs and exploits that would destroy a good server :)
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  7. XD
    that will be all
  8. i cant wait. finally more wool and enchanting, and maybe more squids? ;)
  9. Right now, I'm trying to use F3 in the single player, to get back home after a humiliated creeper death. But the lag bars reach my coords, and I have to restart all the time to clear the debug screen. Modloader and MCpatcher won't work yet in 1.0 either, so I can't mod it.

    Justinguy, why won't you just use the Mojang server software like normal people ;)
  10. do i need to get my diamonds out of utopia befor the server is updated and reset
  11. Yes we have been warning people for a long time, when we update every world but town will be reset.
  12. ime aleady on my way home have the dinner ready XD
  13. uhh.... what? oh yeah... uhh.. *high pitch voice* it will be ready at hun. im making mushroom soup with cooked porkchop and tnt extrac... uh i mean tea and extra sugar. ;)
  14. justin if you are in the wilderness/wasteland will you die and lose all your stuff in your inventory when it gets reset or will it automaticly bring you back to town
  15. If you are in wilderness or wasteland you will be in the same place in the new wilderness (the same location) even though it is a new world.
  16. ok cool was just making sure i wasnt gonna die if i end up out there
  17. Then we wouldn't get to claim that we're ABOVE normal. :)
  18. I assume also that it would plonk you on the top most block and not stuck in the middle of a mountain?
  19. Of course :) it will use the vanilla spawning, and that will not spawn you inside of blocks, and I personally tested it just to make sure.
  20. ok being a tired half-glass-full kind of a person, i must quote qhat some future player might say when they are playing there: "lala im digging for diamonds and redstone lala" *suddenly warning comes up for reset* "lala... shiiiiii...." resets* *player stuck in stone* "crap"

    i would lol if this happened. i honestly need some friggin sleep now. no more pesimism for you bobert, no more.