When I get Diamond Supporter

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  1. Messed up the timing a bit, but it's good enough for me. :p

    Also, 1k to whoever can correctly name which video's idea I used for this. (Different game, same concept really.)
  2. cn i haz dem ruuppes jc?plugs?
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  3. LOL I know the name:
    When I am SkyDoesminecraft, Keralis, Bodil40, Cavemanfilms, and one more >.<
    The original two were created by Solar something, and the others by rusplaying :p
    Oh and the song is a remix.
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  4. When I get diamond supporter (if I do) I'll make an Inc. Oh, and do you know what texture pack that was?
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  5. Er, what? lol.

    Defscape 16x16.
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  7. Hm, I actually wasn't aware of that.

    I actually got it from

    lol. 1k to you though, as soon as I get back from shopping or whatever.
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  8. Ill take some rupees :)
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  9. ;_;
    Thanks pro xD

    I lieks it doe
  10. shared it with jc :D