When does 1.3 come out?

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  1. I thought it was supposed to be yesterday...
  2. lolwut??? It better not restart wild, because im underground atm with diamond BLOCKS
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  3. Someday soon...probably.
  4. June 20-28 maybe
  5. Thank the lawd.... It'll be hard trying to get back to my spawner once everything is reset.... Unless they reset the wild REALLY far out...
  6. Wild And Nether Are Not Going To Be Reset Probably because most of the community doesnt want it
  7. Wild reset or not everyone is affected.
  8. 1.3 for SWToR is coming out soon. Gonna be cool.
  9. No dates have been confirmed as far as I know but I'm sure that it will be soon as earlier in the month the user authentication database was down as it was undergoing maintance specifically for the 1.3/1.2.6 Minecraft update. Has it actually been confirmed as 1.3 yet or has that information remained untold?
  10. Confirmed 1.3
  11. if thay don't reset you can buy the new stuff or go so far out it makes new chunks to find emeralds and temples and desert villages and whatever elets they come up with
  12. 1.2.6 will thay go to 1.2.100?:p
  13. I don't know! I just went for either 1.3 or 1.2.6 based on how many minor updates had occurred at the time... Now beside the fact that it has been confirmed I would say it's gonna be 1.3 due to the massive amount of implements and bug fixes. BIGGEST MINECRAFT UPDATE EVER!
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  14. Jeb has already said its 1.3
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  15. YAY!!!!!
  16. Where?
  17. I hope this isn't a serious question. However, if it is, I will give you this serious answer:

    1.2.100 would be 1.2.1. The two zero's at the end are annexed. The highest it can go is 1.2.99 before it could EVER go to 1.2.3. But, they probably are throwing enough together in this update to call it 1.3.

    I still really hope that wasn't a serious question though lol.
  18. It's going be One way or another, Last Light Outpost is prepared whatever going to happen.
    another thing DogRNice prolly just joking , Sarcasm doesn't translate well though the internet
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  19. If Last Light outpost is gonna be reset (if there is a wild reset) can everyone take all their items outta there and stuff then gimme TNT so i can blow it up? (Joking) :p
    But im prepared for 1.3, ive got a book station and im going to make a villager trading post in my res :)
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  20. Hahaha, if there is most buildings are going torn down put a trusted member res if like to, and if we want blow it up we might PM the TnT expert on it if feels like it lol
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