When 3 friends go crazy ;)

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  1. Hi gang!

    So the other day I helped out a friend with rounding up their public event and after that I was really in the mood for something much less serious. One of the winners of that public event was another friend (yes, I have quite a few), DoubleCakes, who I've known for at least half a year now and after the event we retreated to my private quarters on my residence to talk up about things. That's where MCTabletKid found us, just before we decided that we should go over to stalk support ElfinPineapple with his mall build. Surely our presence would help him tremendously and could only speed up the process :D

    This was a matter of the utmost importance. Tabletkid tagged along and I hope we didn't scare him off with our impressive display of sanity and restraint :) This was a serious gathering after all...

    And so it began, we were sitting in the middle of Elfin's residence enjoying a nice hot bath when we were once again reminded of the sheer brilliance which is an Empire residence. This is coming from someone who knows WorldEdit / WorldGuard by heart (the commands anyway). Trust me when I say that the whole permission flags setup is brilliant.

    But as such.. a simple lava pool? That's stuff for kids. We're Minecraft veterans, we can do much better than that!

    Poor TabletKid. I can almost see him wondering up there about what kind of nutjobs (the three of us!) he ran into this time :) So getting bored with all this lava - there's only so much you can do here - Elfin decided that he should add more chaos into the mixture. Which he did of course, and so it began...

    Lava + water = boats. It's a simple equation and should be pretty obvious. And if you don't quite follow it then don't worry about it. Like I said; we're professionals, we know what we're doing here :p

    So getting on top of the, now pretty high, tower which consisted of cobble, dirt and water we came up with the plan to slide down from there using boats. The only logical thing to do after a nice warm lava bath.

    And it worked....

    And just as if this were real life all of a sudden Minecraft nature itself decided to be a spoilsport. Its moments like these which make you realize just how extensive and complex the game of Minecraft actually is, despite its maybe simplistic looks.

    You see.. If you place water in a colder biome then eventually all you're going to get is.... Can you guess what would happen dear reader? If not then consider this a teaser, all will be revealed below. So after we repaired the damage Elfin suddenly remembered that teleport signs are a thing here. Time to set one up, because constantly swimming up a water stream only gets so boring...

    Remember my previous comment about WorldGuard above?

    So you wonder why I think Residences on EMC are brilliant, do you? Well, look at this:

    /rg flag <region-name> teleport here.

    This is a WorldGuard command and you know what it gets you? One ("1") teleport location within your region. Which you can teleport to again by using: /rg tp <region-name>. Emphasis lies on one. This isn't a special feature or something, this is simply all which WorldGuard supports.

    Empire Minecraft otoh, the residence locations feature to be exact, is virtually unlimited.

    And now you'll hopefully also understand why I think that it's perfectly fair for the default (non-supporters) to only have 1 named location. Because that's basically a set standard within Minecraft where WorldGuard is concerned.

    Makes you think, doesn't it?

    I think Elfin (congrats on Gold again!) even set up one of these named locations at one point. Guess how he named it? Waterpark (I think, too lazy to pull up logs, Elfin can fill it in).

    And so the four of us got lazy. We had to drag our boats all the way up (after smashing them into the ground we even had to craft them again!) and once we got up it sometimes also didn't work right. And there's only so much one can do. So it was time to bring in the redstone!

    Minecraft is just soo cool....

    At this point the construction got so professional that it even allowed us to launch ourselves out of the residence, across the main road and straight into the one next to it. Which, fortunately for us, was also part of Elfin's quadrant. So no upsetting any neighbors ;)

    We're professioanls :)

    Obviously this ought to be shared to point at Elfin and make fun of him, but we do respect the rules here ;)

    ....even when we're going crazy :)

    Reminds me to ask Elfin about idgits sometime ;)

    And so we extended the launcher even more. Now with fireworks and added water particles:

    We're not spamming the boat release here, not at all. All in the name of science... and fun :)

    Remember that floating water up there? Well, there was a perfect answer for that of course. After all, in the biome we were in there was only one reasonable explanation...


    Not to worry folks.. Nah, the biome is a colder one and as such ice sometimes forms. As you can see here:

    The day was coming to an end, we ended up doing a small competition (who can jump the furthest using their boat) and well... It was time to clean up the damage (Elfin, Double and me) and get some sleep...

    So what's next? Well, it was time to go idle for a while. However... When we're crazy like this going AFK isn't always the best of ideas...

    And then double went AFK....

    This needs a small explanation... The three of us known each other for a long time, predating our joining of EMC. And we had some weird habits in the past. It wasn't uncommon for us to bury you if you happened to go afk in a very inconvenient spot.

    So, say, you'd go afk right in front of a door then it wasn't uncommon for us to fully encase, move the door somewhat away and then put up signs saying something in the likes of "New wall ornament here" while also adding a small peek hole (window).

    Or worse of course... Like defining a new worldguard region, overriding controls and disabling any means to teleport away (minus one! :D) and then just waiting for the show to eventually start.

    (I have to stress this out: we go way back. We wouldn't even dream of doing this to random players (not even in the past) but... yah...).

    SO then this happened:

    So what happened the last time DC afk'd on Elfin's residence? You still can't guess?

    Time for a barbeque!

    And then another friend showed up who got pretty curious as to why I was making so many weird comments (major "wrong chatting" (mixing between res./group. and private chat)) and yah...

    And there you have it!

    Just an ordinary evening for the three of us of course <cough, cough>
  2. Lemme say, Linux came first. First, I got a Update of 342 Mb, Had to update all my directories, THEN had to uninstall 27 GB of pointless stuff i had, THEN I had to run a System Scan just in case, THEN (last one, Took a few) i had to run a HDD scan, which deleted 23 GB of more pointless stuff.
    So thats my excuse for AFKness

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