What's Your Favourite Kind Of Triangle?

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  1. My favourite kind of triangle is isosceles. What about you guys? (You can even name the triangle if you life. Mine is Stego Withers)
  2. The one with spahz on it
  3. This is genuinely the random-est thread I've ever saw on EMC, however right angled triangles are my favorite :p
  4. I like myself a nice equilateral, with the diagonals marked. <3
  5. Ah yes, the scalene triangle.
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  6. equilateral as well.
  7. I like an archimedes triangle. named Sargent llamaface
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  8. Right Triangles because their simple and I like em' like that.
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  9. This is probably the most interesting thread ever
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  10. Scalenes are messy and disproportionate. Equilaterals are perfectly proportioned. Every triangle should aim to be an equilateral.
  11. Right angle isosceles is my favorite. Makes geometry/trig so much easier.
  12. Right angled triangles all the way, otherwise, you couldn't get funny like this;
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  13. x is 5, by the way.
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  14. I prefer the isosceles and the equilateral.
  15. I am aware, yes :)
  16. 30-60-90 degree triangle
  17. A normal one.. The easy one I found in meh mathbook
  18. So not a square?
  19. Equilaterals can fail in construction faster than scalene >:3
    Imagine the structure of the triangle above being a roof on your building... Left side being west... right side being east.
    Also imagine that there are buildings to the west of your building (the front entrance of your building) ... and that the east side is completely barren (essentially causing the wind to only hit from the east side of the roof only.)

    90° is considered the degrees for a wall ... this side of the roof being 30° off from being like a wall.
    This second picture is what would be called scalene - imagine side c is East and b is West ...
    The B angle looks about 20 degrees smaller (40 degrees), C 15 degrees smaller (45 degrees) and A 35 Larger (95 degrees) ... Also Imagine that side a on scalene and the bottom of the equilateral are both 15 meters long. This puts the top of the triangle of the scalene closer to the building than in the sky from the angle of the triangle. Also, this shorter distance puts less weight on the building which reduces stress (spreading the load over larger areas than in the center). Finally, the smaller angle of B causes the wind from the East to deflect easier on the c side of the roof, causing less resistance and less wear-and-tear on the building.

    So all in all - looks aren't everything :3
  20. The scalene triangle represents power. The scalene triangle represents unity. The scalene triangle represents creativity, acceptance, and nonconformity. I could not find anything MORE suitable than the scalene triangle.