Whats your favorite pokemon?

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  1. mine is rayquaza all the way
  2. pikachu <3
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  3. couldn't decide so i chose a few : lugia, ho - oh, reshiram , mew and zekrom
  4. Pika! :D
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  5. although i <3 pikachu 2 :D
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  6. I did play Pokemon Heartgold, and my favorite I always used there was Lugia, Ho-oh. And that Totodile third evolution, and some from older versions, with trees on its shell, Luxio (Or something like that). And some more I don't remember. :p
  7. lucario and hydreigon are up in my favs too
  8. All of them! <3 Pokemon!
  9. Hahahah power of photoshop :p
  10. My favorite pokemon is Maxarias.
  11. Espeon, allllllllll the way!
  12. Tyranitar, Mewtwo, Salamence, Absol,Gengar
  13. Can I take a Pikachu? xD
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  14. Heracross and all the Bug types their mine :p
    BTW: I liek mudkipz
  15. Eevee, Togepi, Furret and Teddiursa.
  16. Freaking Jigglypuff! :O
  17. Depends on the conditions... like, my favorite what.
    I have a hard time deciding an all-time favorite, but Grovyle is a boss.

    Even though I probably spelled its name wrong.
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