What's wrong with my villager farm?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Tiburok, May 15, 2013.

  1. I built this small villager farm at the top of a tree in the jungle part of my res and this is about 25 blocks up off the ground. The reason I did this is that I was hoping to hide it up there because I couldn't find anywhere on my res where a villager farm would look good and they can't be under ground so...they live in a tree. The outside is all covered up with leaves except for the top, which I left open because I know villager farms seem to require sunlight. The only problem is that these villagers don't seem to want anything to do with each other. They seem to be endlessly entertained with opening and slamming those doors but I want them to breed.

    Can anyone see from this overhead pic why they aren't breeding? Why is this not working?


  2. hmm... looks to me is that they dint recognise a house. there's doors, but no valid house.
  3. Well the middle part had a roof and a few walls and they weren't breeding then either. I saw another player's farm that was successful and she didn't have a roof or walls at all, just doors, so I changed it to this.
  4. ok thanks. I changed it again according to that guide and one of them is getting hearts but the other one isn't responding. If they don't make a little friend soon I'll just kick them into my Sparta pit.
  5. Oh just a thought: Is it possible that my villagers won't breed because they think they're part of my neighbor's village? I noticed that they seem to insist on hanging out in the corner that's closest to his residence and he has a large villager farm over there.
  6. That is probably it. Villagers need to be some 50 blocks away from any other villages.