What's wrong with me?

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  1. When I went to watch the hobbit earlier today, halfway through I developed a headache and already had a bad cough. I am now freezing cold but I have a temperature. I don't know how hot I am yet. Any Idea what's wrong with me?
  2. a simple cold
  3. I believe (and I am not a doctor) that you are sick. Was The Hobbit good?
  4. *facepalm*
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  5. Its said to be good. Im watching on 21st with my school. Im not a fan of movies or Lord Of The Rings etc.

    Also my brother has the same but a high temperature.

  6. In all seriousness it could be Flu, Allergies or cold maybe?
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  7. He wouldn't have had his Flu jab yet...

    Might just be the dry air in the cinema
  8. The freezing cold part makes it sound like something other than a cold. Yes it sounds stupid but in all seriousness, colds should be called hots.
  9. Wow, I got a sore throat watching such an epic movie.
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  10. It's the plague!
  11. It sounds as if you are dehydrated... Drink a lot of water and it should help the problem ;)
  12. Thanks guys...It's worse today but drinking water stops it for about a minute.
    It was brilliant;)
  13. Almost everytime i go to see a movie i get a headache :confused: But's that just my bad luck :p
  14. I can vouch for the Hobbit, only a shame they broke it up into more then one movie, I could have sat through 8hr's of it.

    As for those symptoms I have to agree with southpark, lol

    Sound's like you have a head cold, the rest of your body should be fine :D
    Get well soon
  15. That can often be the case with some people.
    Are having the problem with regular films or 3D?
  16. Were you wearing 3D glasses? Im going on Friday but having the day off because my form tutor is boring.
    His day he planned:
    Im ment to be at school for 8:35 but I come when it starts at 8:45
    8:46 - Left for the Hobbit
    10 something - Movie has finished return to school for lunch
    11:00 - Come into form watch 1 of the Lord of the Rings
    12:45 - Finish Lord of the rings 1
    12:45 - Have break
    1:00 - Play bored games or do something with others. No iPods etc or anything you cant do with others
    3:05 - Leave school
    My plan:
    7:00 - get breakfast
    7:30 - play EMC
    11:30 - Toilet break
    11:34 - Back to EMC
    12:00 - Eat lunch
    12:30 - return to EMC
    5:00 - Toilet break
    5:03 - Back to EMC
    7:30 - Dinner
    8:30+ - EMC
    5:00am - Sleep
    Thats about it until Christmas then it continues afterwards....
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  17. Both, But i often have headaches so its normal.
  18. Your schedule appears to be one bedpan away from a re-enactment of the Southpark, "Make Love, Not Warcraft" episode.
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  19. Love South Park :)