Whats with this string? 11/13/12

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  1. Okay so im on smp1 its just me and a gold member. Hes just blocks away and then get an error message that the string was to long or something. Try to connect multiple times and keep getting the message "Received string length is less then zero! Weird string!" okay what is that talking about?

    Iv seen a few topics mentioned on the forums about this but I thought they had to do with actual minecraft string or something. I know for a fact, mainly in part cause it was just me and one other player just blocks away from me, that we did not place string or anything like that. So whats going on?

    On a side note some servers have been getting quite lagging recently. Like just tonight on one of the servers I would notice another player standing still then moving really fast ahead of me at times when they were just walking/running normally. Thats like never happened except maybe near when I first started playing on emc when we had a few lag problems. I guess 1.4 does have quite a bit of lag but this is the first iv seen of it since 1.4 has come out.
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  2. The string error says that its too long the number of it is 30876 > 64 So the server probably cant handle it
  3. Ive tested to log in the server to maybe change the number but it dosent change tht must mean its not the players fault but the servers
  4. Good that kids are at school now and dont see this error because of the time we are in now every kid [ exept me cause of my cold ] are in school and that means we can relax that the forums vont get spammed that soon...
  5. Not for me, this is my time D:
  6. yes but what is this string thing? Is it actual string in the game? Something to do with string theory? (I highly doubt it) or what?
  7. String()
    Initializes a newly created String object so that it represents an empty character sequence

    What i found
  8. Server is working again u can come in some1 fixed it
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