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  1. I was exploring the wilderness and found this:

    "Holiday Chest"
    What is it? Should I take the contents? Is it a promotion or something someone left there just because they felt like it?

    It has lots of emeralds, iron and gold inside.
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  2. Its something from a holiday event, feel free to take it
  3. Sweet thanks
  4. whats in it?!?! lol

    Edit: nvm...

    Oh jeezus!!! I made two noob mistakes in the span of 30 seconds. Imma just go over there...
  5. It's from the Thanksigiving Event of 2014. The contents are for you to take - they randomly spawned around the Thanksgiving event and contained food and a special piece of paper named "Feast for a King". :)

    EDIT: I am corrected below :p
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  6. Isn't that a Feast Chest and not a Holiday Chest?
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  7. This I believe would be around the holiday season event because he said it was filled with gems and snow which falls in line with the wiki page StoneSlabGod posted :)

    @OP - If you can, could you please post a picture of the contents? I'm curious :p
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  8. You are correct, I apologise :)
    Is that in reference to this page? http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/holiday-event-chest-discard/

    If so then the page say that it has been discarded (not sure if you can see it if you're not on the Contribution Team :p)
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  9. That's not really for me to decide if it is there or not, though I could relay these thoughts on to Matheus. If he's all for it then we can edit it and put it back in once determining category etc, a similar page could potentially be made for the Feast Chest too... I could relay that thought onto Matheus also :)
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  10. awesome that you found one still untouched in the wild, i bet there are others too
  11. I pays to keep your eyes open. ;)
  12. I'll post the contents when I arrive at my outpost, thanks guys
  13. My eyes have been open for a minute now.

    How much will you pay me?
  14. There are plenty of these still around. I've found 2 within 300 blocks of a wild spawn last month, and my brother found 2 or 3 others a little further away.
  15. yeah this is a real thing. its like finding a super turkey or a blizzard in the froniter :D lucky you
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  16. Contents! :D
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  17. 1 rupees added to your account. ;) Don't expect anymore. :p