Whats this at smp9 spawn?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by FDNY21, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. I know its a bunch of heads, but no idea whose they are or how they got there... anyone care to explain? :p ~FDNY21
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  2. Whoever it is, I think they're trying to make a point.
    The Herobrine and TNT seems like a good indication of that point...

    EDIT: I think Aikar and his magic are behind this :p
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  3. I could've known :p
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  4. And a cow made of ice cream.I saw herobrine on a server once.He was very nice.
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  5. Whose heads are they?
  6. Could it be a secret update?!? :O
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  7. Aha, speculated for 1.8: The all new herobrine head for when you kill herobrine... unless he kills you first *evil laugh* xD ~FDNY21
  8. no, I mean like, being able to get anyones head, at a price
  9. Hmm..good idea xD