What's the most well known business on EMC?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by 72Volt, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. Most liked suggestions will be taken as entries for a thing.
  2. Does mine and Chasca's Avatar Request thingy count as a business?
    We don't earn anything from it, be will still provide things occasionally. If you get what I mean
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  3. Todd_Vinton 2000 :p
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  4. business (n)
    1. a person's regular occupation, profession or trade
    2. commercial activity
    Yes :)
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  5. Shavingfoam!
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  6. Elite's Sarcasm*
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  7. Leowastes mall
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  8. I would love to say FC Inc.
    But i havent had enough activity for that, so i would like to nominate AlexChance Incorporated :)
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  9. I'd say kads supply co but it's been a bit inactive
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  10. AC Inc.
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  11. Deathtomb, FC, Alex, Shavingfoam, Todd's place, Leowaste, RandomZ, Manic_Miner, Pab10s. These are the stores that come to mind.
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  12. I am gonna go out there and say that my supply company is quite popular. Maybe not as popular as Kad's, but it is very similar and I have had a lot of orders, most, if not all with good feedback.
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  13. xHaro_Der with sigs AND promos.
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  14. Nick5013's melon shop. Maybe not the most popular but it sees a lot if business for melons.
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