What's The Highest Grade In School That You've Ever Gotten?

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  1. Basically, all posts including this one and following should have your highest grade that you've ever earned in school. Also, pictorial evidence would make your claims more believable. Ill start off:

    I got a 105 in Science.
    Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 9.43.47 PM.png
  2. 107 Typing got no evidence though sorry
  3. My school just does E's, D's, C's, B's, and A's with no fancy stuff, so A. I also got a letter that will let me into the AP classes in grade nine, (AP = Advanced placement, AKA, honours) even though my highest mark on my report card this year was B, and you need a A in a core class to get in.
  4. 102 in Math last year. I'm also 1 year ahead in Math. I guess that would count.
  5. 122 in a math test.
    No evidence, sorry. :(
  6. 108/A+ in engineering. though the 8 points didnt count according to school standards but i earned them dang it....
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  7. I think I got a quarterly grade at 112 percent. Band, you are an easy class. :p
  8. In Norway, we got grades from 0 to 6, where 6 was best. Normally you couldn't get over 6, but my science teacher did something different, and at best, my grade in that class was something like 6.34. Anyway, that was back in like 2002, and I don't have any photos. Don't think I had a camera on my phone even, lol. :p (I feel old now.)
  9. No evidence, but my 5th grade teacher said I was labeled HGT ( Highly Gifted and Talented ) Even though I was in normal classes.
  10. In one of my AP classes, we had a type of test mandated by the organization that gave grants to my high school. Because the curve was based on the AP Exam grading scale, I once got over 140% on one of them. Of course, that was with a few incorrect answers, but still better than anyone else in the class.
  11. 116% on a Science 20-1 Physics AP unit test. There Were 5 bonus questions, and i only got one wrong. And I am in grade ten, in a physics 20-1 AP class. Lots of friends use me as their tutor :p
  12. I got 100% on a few music tests, really easy.
    On a more serious tone, I haven't scored below 90% on a single Maths test, and I'm top of the year in at least 4 subjects, and in the top bracket in the rest except for 3.
  13. A is the highest ive ever gotten :)
    F is worst
    A is best

    We just got the new system here in sweden :)