Whats the best measures to prevent greifing and stealing

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  1. I am about to start a wild outpost with some friends. The issue I have is I want to make buildings out of quartz and glowstone and have a beacon.

    I'm very worried someone will steal them b/c they are valuable

    What's the best way to prevent people from doing this

    And if it does happen how do I catch them/report them
  2. if its out really far that discourages people to grief it
  3. well, you can lock beacons, but the iron/gold/diamond under them wont be safe.

    as for making your wildbase safe heres a few hints:
    1. build atleast 3k out from the outer outposts (so not 3k from center spawn)
    2. build on the lesser populated servers, utopia never gets griefed almost, and smp6 and 3 are about the same plus youll be more likely to spawn bosses on them.
    3. some people employ what i liek to call the "shield technique" where they put a layer of dirt up in the sky to hide their builds from livemap.
    4. always have someone online <----this is most important. if someone is online they can report suspicious activity and keep you materials safe.

    to report you simply use the command i believe but you also can come on forums and pm any online mod for assistance
  4. I'm planning on having it between 20-80 thousand block out idk if that's enough
  5. One of the best ways to prevent griefing is to go out far from the spawn, most griefers don't like to go far from spawn. You can also build underground, but the beacon might still be visible.
    However, if you do get griefed, start a conversation with a moderator with all the necessary information, such as location, what it looked like before, if you know who it is, et cetera.
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  6. I did not know you can lock beacons
    I like all your suggestions and will be following these

    We have 9 people and a lot of different time zones so most likely someone will be on
  7. the further away you are the less likely you will get griefed but keep in mind it does not prevent it entirely ive heard of people griefing 100k out.

    40k is the most common distance people feel truely safe and its only a 5 minute nether ride. also remember that if you use nether out past about 35k its going to show up on livemap
  8. Hmm I might do 35 k then

    Thank you so much for the input
  9. Distance is always your greatest friend. Try to stick to nether travel to hasten your journey and make it more dangerous to follow your trail. Obviously use /map hide if you have supporter perks, and only invite people you know you can trust. :)
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  10. What's a good idea is by going in the nether and going out really far... maybe 30k-40k. You can build a portal somewhere and you would pop up in an area of live map where it is dark all around so the only way people can see it is by randomly finding it
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  11. Nether travel is our really only option we might build a hidden railway in the nether to travel by
  12. Don't build the track close to Spawn either, since it becomes a trail to follow. Start with a non-obvious path. What I have is a portal away from any islands in the ocean which goes to a track on the other side. I was originally going to dig a place out below ground and move the portal there or build a fake island over it, but in over a year no one has accidentally found it so I haven't bothered with it.

    Don't forget Live Map. It can be your biggest friend/enemy. Unhidden players, exposed farms, and looting are all attractants so keep those in mind as you develop the area. At the same time, you can use the map in choosing your location and watching over it later on.

    Be careful who you invite. All it takes is one person who can't control their mouth about the nice place you've built and you'll have uninvited guests crashing your party.

    Keep the Broken Window theory in mind. Eventually someone will show up regardless of what you do. If they find a place that's obviously cared for, they will be more likely to respect the area.
  13. Good ideas will use those also

  14. A good idea is to not build it close to the spawn, and look on the live map and keep a close eye on it, and see if anyone is at your outpost. If anyone you don't know finds it, and griefs it, you can know to report them because you saw them on the live map.
  15. build your outpost way, way away from spawn. most griefers are lazy, and don't go too far out into the wild. jungles and/or oceans between your base and spawn are the best because they are hard to travel through.
  16. Our outpost is just about 40k out, and that's a pretty good amount. :)
  17. Thank you to everyone for all the tips that's great
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  18. I'm not sure if this has been said, but having an underground/camouflaged outpost will deter pretty much all griefings. :)
  19. That's a good idea

    Am I allowed to have a dual layer obsidian vault with an inner lava core. Like a sandwich with lava in the middle

    Not sure if "traps" are allowed on emc
  20. Traps aren't...
    However, I don't know if this would be a trap seeing as the only way they would get in and die is griefing...
    Get a mods approval before doing it.
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