What's the avg price of?

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  1. What's the avg price of TNT per block ? Thanks :)
  2. I think it's around 60r...
  3. Ok so I see ranges from 42r to 110r, that wouldn't make sense because median price would be around 85r which is unheard of
  4. As the sense of humor left you due too much homework lol. Around 76r
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  5. Ohhh I thought u was serious about the 42r part. Hah ok, then 76r per sounds good
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  6. Around 11r/gunpowder x5
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  7. I think I am gona make some TNT :oops: "Ah thats better" :p

    Sulphur I think has dropped in price again so about what Alex said 11r ish each plus sand and alling for shops time and profit I would say around between 60r and 76r each. Which means I will break even on my sulphur, but that's ok
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