Whats skyrim?

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  1. Hey guys whats Skyrim? is it a good video game? I'm completely lost with all the arrow to the knee jokes and stuff...:(
  2. WHATS SKYRIM?? :eek:
    It is the lastest and greatest in the Elder Scroll games. It was a few years in the making and is hailed as being the best RPG made to date. (and i dont contect this claim at all)
    The 'arrow in the knee' jokes spawn from the dialog most of the guards say when you speak to them, "i used to be an adventurer like you, until i took an arrow in the knee." :D
  3. Who has ever said that?
  4. I still don't understand skyrim...
  5. Several magazine publications, UK PCformat, and Aus PCauthority to name just a few :)
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  6. Yet people say I'm insane.Its a good game, but its nowhere near the best rpg , its even worse then the other TES games in several "rpg" aspects.
  7. Its a sandbox action rpg with 1rst/3rd person view points and cheesy lore and storylines(which normally if you do all the side quests kinda contradict plot pieces.)Also the series for the last few entries has been very modifiable.Which has drawn in a large mod community to keep the games alive.The newest one "Skyrim" was made more user friendly then the previous games and has become a very successful game cause of it.
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  8. I guess one of its greatest appeals is its 'open world' aspect. Some RPGs are a bit linear in their quests systems sometimes, fable 3 for example, but other RPG's like Skyrim, Oblivian, Morrowind, Divinity and Fallout 3 are completely open world and you can literally go anywhere and pretty much do anything at anytime without too much consequence.
  9. It is mostly the sandbox.Most companies don't seem to do them despite the fact that most sandbox games become extremely popular.Some don't make it to that point cause of other reasons(Divinity is a great example,its difficulty curve is higher then a lot of AAA title rpgs).
  10. ... im still confused
  11. I think Skyrim is boring.
  12. Skyrim is an RPG, think of it like a great single player version of World of Warcraft. :)
  13. haha lol
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  14. ..okay but ive never played that game.... soo.. still at a loss...
  15. Haha, I just played like 8 hours of it today, and 6 yesterday. Only one of the best Role Playing Games around!
  16. soo is it a good game?
  17. Oh yea, if you are a fan of Rpgs this is the best of the best for Ps3 and Xbox 360. PC too maybe, but I'm not sure.
  18. Soo what's it about?