What's in your head?

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  1. I have David Guetta's 'Dangerous" stuck in my head and I want Chinese food from an hour away... What's on all of your minds right now?
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  2. 'bout sums it up.
  3. Laughter! I'm going mad, the world is burning around me and all I have is a gas can full of petrol.
  4. A message to the other countries on earth: When you mess with the BEST, you die like the rest.

    When you live in the USA, you often sit up at night and admire the wonderful country you live in, the USA of course. When you live in the USA, you get the free benefits of living in the land of bald eagles and back to back World War Champions. USA! USA! USA!
  5. In my head right now I am thinking of different ways to procrastinate revision today, and then the effects that procrastination will have on my exams... and then I start thinking of what work I actually need to do today, because I want to pass and go to university :p

    Oh, I'm also thinking about Beavers and "The Game" because that's what I associate with x7mx! XD
  6. Things like this can be stressful... (my opinion) But it's good to think about your future. It's like a quote I've heard before, "The future belongs for those who prepare for it today"

  7. I admire our prison population, unimaginable military might that hasn't been achieved in the "known" history of man, the global empire, police state, unlawful federal taxation and unlawful federal land ownership and seizure thereof, the countless commercial codes, the fact that the average citizen commits 3 federal felony offences a day without knowing because of the obscurity and number of federal regulations, the trillions spent on the military while my little girl can barely afford new clothes and welfare and education make up less than 20% of the federal budget combined, the fact that a bag of saline would cost me over 100 dollars to have administered at the local emergency room while all it is is salt water, that one semester of technical schooling cost me over 7,000 dollars and to get the degree that I thought I wanted it would have taken 6 years and 20-24 semesters. I love my country :D Hooah.

    Sorry, it was in my head.
  8. well, its nearly 3am and im playing minecraft so whats going though my head is

    what am i doing with my life?
  9. Now I can't remember what I was thinking of.....
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  10. You... You're such a numpty XD

    The amount of effort that must have required is significantly out of character, you feeling okay? :p
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  11. why ty Anon nice of you to say!
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  12. I'm just going to give up... *grabs my flint and steel* c:<
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  13. its about to go down
  14. Grrr... thanks to Anon, The Game is now in my head >.< Oh well, one of my friends keeps bringing it up anyway, which makes me unable to get over 2 weeks of winning. :p
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  15. You know what is in my head? Read the first word

  16. This is mainly what is in my mind atm