What's Coming in version 1.3.1

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  1. Today I updated my minecraft jar to version 1.3.1 and I thought It would be cool to let everyone know how much more awesome this game is getting.(gads I forgot to use proper grammar,but then again it's 10:10 and I'm tired)
    What's coming
    -Books you can write in
    -Emeralds and Emerald ores and blocks. (I love that one)
    -Added larger biomes map generation option.
    -Books are harder to obtain
    -Added trading with villagers
    -Both types of golden apples (1.8 and 1.2.5) are obtainable. (This was a great one)
    -New Creative mode inventory
    -Added LAN mode
    -Changed some item ID tags
    -Added Ender chests
    -Added Jungle Temples
    -Added Naturally spawning Pyramids
    -Added Trip Wires (idk what these do)
    -Signs and Empty buckets can be stacked in groups of 16
    -The origional Crafting recipe for one sign makes three
    -You can now find cocoa pods growing on Jungle trees (natural spawning ones only)
    That is about a small fraction of the stuff they are adding. Any Questions about using the new features?Reply Here.
  2. And the best thing of all: They removed Herobrine!
  3. Once again :p
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  4. You can see a whole list of stuff at The Minecraft Forums.
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  5. I agree that is the best part...It's a long story.
  6. I wonder when all of the mods will update...I think modloader is the only one.
  7. that updated
  8. We can get xp potions from villagers trade emeralds for them
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  9. Red Brick and standstill stairs, Gravel block redesign, creative mode improved, and can move around your server list
  10. i did a video on the new logs
  11. the server list move will be good i can keep EMC or together :D
  12. Yea thats prolly one of my favorite things about 1.3
  13. Ever heard of EDIT button?!
  14. -Added Trip Wires (idk what these do)
    Trip wires act kind of like pressure plates.

    -You can now find cocoa pods growing on Jungle trees (natural spawning ones only)
    Has this been changed? People have been talking about harvesting cocoa in Town.
  15. You can right click with cocoa beans on jungle logs and it will plant a cocoa pod
  16. Op's comment says "natural spawning ones only", which suggests to me that I won't be able to grow them in Town.
  17. You can, he is incorrect when he says "natural spawning ones only"
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