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  1. I was just on smp1 sitting on a tree and got banned for griefing?
  2. I was their when you were ban, what did you do?
  3. nothing i was on the forums when i came back i was banned
  4. Bans aren't immediately. If you griefed, it was before you sat on a tree. Most bans for griefing only occur if there is plenty of evidence against you, so if you really think that you are innocent, PM a mod/admin.
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  5. Not to be rude or anything. but i dont see the point in complaining to someone that didnt ban you to try and find who banned you and get it resolved. i dont know who banned me or i would PM him.
  6. Just choose a mod.. and PM them. You're not going to get anywhere posting on the forums. Any moderator will tell you to do it the way we said.
  7. Start a PM with JustinGuy and IcecreamCow and tell them that you don't know who abnned you... Also remember to check the I for allowing people in the conversation to invite others ;)
  8. I can help you out, start a conversation with bigDavie.. However, I could save you the trouble and let you know it may be a waste of your time. This thread is now locked
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