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  1. I found this at the private outpost today....

    It was in my house, too
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  2. Someone found you outpost. That's what. ;) But those signs made me laugh for a while. :p a good 1 minute.
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  3. That's what I thought. I was like Who found it.
  4. As much as I'd hate someone finding my base and putting stuff there, these signs are pretty funny... :p
  5. That dog is as confused as you are.
  6. As much as it sounds like me, it wasn't me.
  7. Aha! Denial is the first stage as they say, so, hmm...

    Mr. Clan, where were you on the night of Monday to Tuesday around 3 hours ago EMC time? :p
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  8. i swear on me mums grave it wasnt me mate honest 100%
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  9. If you must just ask a moderator to check the signs because I am sure I be a honest pirate :p
    Plus, to answer your question, I was gone mostly those days.
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  10. I swear it wasn't me I don't go to the frontier.
  11. It's a whodonut
    EDIT: We found the culprit!
  12. W00t! I'll bring the lava :) I'd bring pitchforks too but I think those are planned for version 1.10, so that'll take a while :cool:
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  13. I did it :p
    jk jk I didn't XD lol
  14. lol.
    I know who it was, it was..

    the DOG.:eek:
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  15. Umm.. hi (Das just creepy)
  16. Did u do it?