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  1. hello there everybody i am moving from SMP 3 since it is boring no offense to any1 living there
    so what smp should i move to?
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  2. SMP1 <3
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  5. Ehhh, Dafuq?
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  6. The original smp1 :)
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  7. Now i get it! SMP2 lawl
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  8. Come to smp5!

    Were ALL 100% normal! ;)
  9. You are so right.
  10. Dude, 1. Best economy, plenty of shops, amassing atmospheric detail, friendly people, AND, vast history
  11. And WAAAAY to crowded
  12. SMP 1 or 4 (4 is growing quite rapidly at the moment)
  13. Sometimes I wonder if ICC every wants to ban people for saying, "Our SMP is the best because blablabla and this other SMP is or isn't good or bad for whatever blablabla." Yea this is what I think. SMP 1 has a very long history, great shops, great people and lots of architectural feats. SMP 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are not that different so if you want to go to this SMP it's because you want to.
  14. Just stating my opinion :p
    It's a friendly compititon :)
  15. SMP8, it's TOTALLY not boring, don't listen to those people who say it is ;)
  16. Go to...any of them! :) All have their perks! Smp1 is crowded but full of talk. Smp7 is mostly empty but is famous for the LLO. All of the servers are great you know.
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  17. I live on smp3 and smp1. I have the right to say smp3 has hardly any players online at a time, our wilderness is farmed out for a few hundred blocks, and it has hardly any plots somehow.
    SMP1 isn't overcrowded, just populated :p
  18. smp2 is the best.
  19. I like the smp2 wild :3

    The town is full of drama queens.
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