what you guys getting for christmas?

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  1. post below im curious!
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  2. Diamond supporter ^-^
    But on a serious note, I'm spending some real $ to get an iBuyPower Desktop, and a tri-monitor system. I'm reallllllllly excited :)
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  3. Lovely Smiles and warm feelings :)
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  4. I am selling my Legos and getting myself a car, Cough *** FlashbackCanada *** on ebay haha, Hope i have enough for a car, i need one for when i am living in residents :D.
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  5. My Christmas Gifts are the computer I'm using right now (Dell Inspiron 15 with Core 17) And A Razor TM CrazyKart
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  6. Chickens for my grandparents ^-^
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  7. I convinced my parents have their Christmas present to me be that they let me show them Minecraft, and that they keep an open mind the entire time.

    That . . . is a lot of money . . .
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  8. i actually might be getting a ps4... would definitely be the biggest gift ive gotten. i did get a wii when they were brand new, though, christmases ago
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  9. i want samsimx to give me at leats a billion rupees for christmas...lol.... any items u guys want on emc? good ideas for real life stuff those things.. are cool!
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  10. ye know i actually do need to buy myself one of the new turkey slicers and a feast paper. i like having at least one of everything
  11. I want ICC's Special Eggnog, I hear it's worth over 800k o3o
  12. Speaking of Feast Papers, I could sell yo mine..
  13. hmm how much are those things? hmu with a pm?
  14. can u guys keep this shoot* of my thread lol... i just want to know what your gonna get for christmas... not your bussiness trancations :p... to add more, what you guys gonna get OTHER ppl for christmas... for example what you getting your friends and family?
  15. I am getting me 3 Copy's of GTA V, one for a great friend, 1 for PC, and 1 for my PS3. My parents are getting me a new PC and a headset. I also am going to end up buying a computer desk and if left over money, a second monitor. Oh yea, getting loads of cash from everyone else. Estimation is around 3-4 hundred in cash :D! I am getting my cousin 2 years of PS3 and also sending him a HDD that he has wanted for the past year.
  16. I got my dad some nice Indian Motorcycle items, and I am getting some stuff from the Body Shop for my grandma, mom, and aunt, and my granmpa, i am not sure. Is that what you mean?
  17. thats why i said hmu with a pm...

    holy crap... g freakin g
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  18. Nice, all i got is...... i am not sure :p
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  19. Money. So then I can use it for what I want. And what I will probably get is Skyrim for the PC and maybe a few more months of ESO. My subscription ran out a few months ago.
  20. Hehe, also will be recieving from cousins in other states, but they get me prepaid visas. Which isn't a problem for me :p