What would you recommend?

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  1. I'm going to Europe next year, and because I live in Australia, you can't fly there direct(yet).

    So, I want to know, should I go via Japan, Singapore, Hong King, Dubai or somewhere else? What do you guys think? And what would the best airline to fly there be?

  2. If it was me, I'd go through Dubai just to look at all the skyscrapers. Not sure if thats the most practical, but I really like giant towers XD
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  3. Japan, cause you can pick up a ton of good food there. :p
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  4. That were my thoughts, I've always wanted to go see them :p

    I can get their food at my local shops :p Sushi bar ftw! :D
  5. If you go, I feel like its a requirement to post a picture of the view from as high up as you can get in the Burj Khalifi
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  6. Maybe... :p

    My show yourself 2014 picture? :p
  7. Royce Chocolate? French Fries in a bag which I forgot their brand name?
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  8. .....Yes. Try to recreate the scene from MI:Ghost protocol XD
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  9. It's mainly because of the distance, not because of the location. But I've done Dubai and Singapore before, I'd recommend either or those. Singapore is more tourist friendly nowadays, more than Dubai anyway, so if you want a smooth trip I'd say Singapore Airlines. :)
  10. All of those places sound interesting to me. I think what I would choose would depend on how long I would have to stay and where I would be changing flights at. Are we talking stay a few days and explore kind of timeframe or a few hours looking out the terminal windows while waiting for a connecting flight timeframe? Also, where in Japan? Tokyo? Depending on where you go all four have the potential to be exotic or mundane.
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  11. Yeah, I've done Singapore and Hong Kong before. I really like Singapore, but something different would be good.

    It depends where I go. If I do singapore, I'm likely to spend less time there. I'm unlikely to be going to Tokyo, more likely Osaka.