What would happen to 16097 if everyone had flags..?

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  1. This
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    2013-09-02_10.15.38.png 2013-09-02_10.23.20.png 2013-09-02_10.17.48.png 2013-09-02_10.16.43.png 2013-09-02_10.17.30.png Screenshot_1.png 2013-09-02_10.19.59.png 2013-09-02_10.19.35.png 2013-09-02_10.21.51.png 2013-09-02_10.21.29.png Screenshot_6.png Screenshot_4.png
  2. Naw, all that quartz would be gone too :p
  3. There wouldn't be any quartz, clay, stone brick, or iron blocks left.
    We're far more bloodthirsty than you would believe :p
  4. Unless I took these pictures right after a raid when people were still taking the quartz!
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